10 Reasons to Choose Monumental Vending

vending employee

  1. Healthy Options – we offer a full line of new and unique healthy snacks and beverages, including organic, for schools and businesses
  2. Success – Almost 3,000 installed vending machines from BWI Airport to the Library of Congress to Northrop Grumman
  3. Innovation – A true pioneer in the industry in deploying technology and advanced systems to the vending industry
  4. Payment Options – our machines accept $1 and $5 bills as well as credit/debit cards
  5. Filled Machines – all of our machines communicate wirelessly – we remotely monitor product levels and service our machines when you need it – not when it fits our pre-set schedule
  6. Green– we use newer, state-of-the art, energy-efficient vending equipment
  7. Working Machines– we have the newest machines of any local vending company – and our machines actually call us if there is a problem!
  8. vending employee

  9. Experience – Solid, consistent growth since 1991 and a workforce with well over 300 combined years of vending experience
  10. Customization – we have complete data on every single sale so we know our customers and can adjust the product mix in each machine accordingly – and we stock hundreds of different products in our warehouse all the time.
  11. Leadership – voted Best Vending Company in America – 2011 and a member of NAMA’s Board of Directors and on the board of the Maryland/DC Vending Association.